Welcome to the Flint Designs online catalog where visitors can review available printed matter, make inquires, and download electronic versions of selected offerings.  My hope is to make uplifting books and pamphlets more easily available and perhaps audio/video options as well.  I recently gave a sermon introducing the differences between Bible versions.  Have a look below for the mp3 as well as the accompanying handout.
   The first three offerings are 2 booklets taken from the extensive writings of Ellen G. White and one reprint edition of the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald.  The first booklet, “The Law of Our Being” is a collection of at least most of the EGW statements relating to the use of herbs as medicine.  It tells us that there are many ways to practice the healing arts but only one which is heaven approved.  The booklet begins by outlining our responsibility to care for our bodies and then progresses into how this may (and should) be done.  Very worthwhile.  I collected this material for use in a ten day herb class that was first conducted in February of 2014.
   The next two booklets both talk about the investigative judgement.  The first is a collection of three visions given to Mrs. White which give encouragement and warning regarding the last days.  Finally, the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald issue includes articles explaining important passages in the book of Daniel.
   Please email me any comments, suggestions, or requests.  I hope to have an online store set up before long where the printed versions of these and eventually, God willing, many other valuable works may be ordered.  In the meantime, I will be provided some material for download and you can arrange via email for printed version you may need.  I expect I will need to have some sort of a minimum order to account for such small items a pamphlets of less than a dollar.  Perhaps these will be available in bundles to deal with this issue.
Print Booklets
Ask about wholesale discounts for your Christian bookstore. You may freely use the PDFs.
The Law of Our Being, 41 pages Stapled binding $5.00 each. [PDF]
The Three Visions, 12 pages Stapled binding $0.85 [PDF]
RH Vol. III No. 16, Dec. 23, 1852 Stapled binding $1.25 each. [PDF]
Bible Versions
The Word of God, sermon John Strickland [mp3]
Sermon handout [PDF]
Authors Wanted
   I have several projects in the planning stages and would like to include more.  Are you an author who hasn’t really been published?  Maybe you are good at writing and have thought about it, but have never written a book.  Why not start out with something some that would be of value to others?  I’m interested in publishing your work (subject to editorial approval, etc) at no cost to you.  You retain the copyright and are free to publish elsewhere also.  You can buy printed copies at a discount to share with your friends and neighbors plus you book will be available here.  Final editing and typesetting will completed by Flint Designs.
   Do you not consider yourself an author, but you have a great story?  Where you a foreign missionary who has some great experiences?  What about some interesting life experiences closer to home?  The Lord has led miraculously and every spectacularly in the lives of many of us.  Perhaps such an incident could be told in a short booklet.  Why not write it down in a few pages and send it as an email for review?